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Die Kreuzspinne und die tapsige Waldohreule

Es war einmal eine wohlgenährte Spinnenfrau. Ihr Spinnennetz, das sie in halber Höhe einer Kiefer zwischen Zweigen angelegt hatte, wurde ihr von einer Waldohreule, die sich hoch oben im Baum eingenistet hatte, ständig zerstört. Es war eine unvorsichtige Mitbewohnerin. Oft setzte sie sich auf einen Ast, um von da aus ihr Jagdrevier zu überblicken. Dabei zertrat sie schon mal die über die Baumrinde krabbelnden Insekten. more…

An excerpt from the story of the dwarves.

In the early morning of the next day the dwarves were aroused from a fernal din they hadn’t never heard before. Though being in fear, they kept their nerves. Behind the garden fence a tiny mouse just happened to see it. Without thinking twice, it whized like a whirlwind to the trembling little people and explained them that they didn’t have to fear anything. more…

The life of brownies and their wishes

Once upon a time there lived brownies in a dark forest, They hided in the ground and stayed there, but nobody could see or discover them. They filled their bellies with berries and mushrooms and drank home-made tea to prevent themselves from illness. So they were happy in their little world untill to the time a fighting troop invaded the country, destroyed villages and seperated people. That went to far for one of the little fellows. He had a quite specific idea for peace and was willing to talk with the troops. Unfortunately they flied into a rage and carried on such sinister actions. The brownie said that were no fun and abandond all hope. All the brownies speedily disapeared because they couldn’t achieve peace.